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With new developments popping up on every corner, more and more people are choosing to have a new home built of them, rather than buying something old. This is exciting and we applaud your decision to do so! But, you need to know that a home inspection should still take place. Many homeowners forgo their inspection because their home is new, thinking that nothing can be built wrong, right? Not exactly.

Although we would hope that nothing is ever installed incorrectly, that is not always the case. New homes come with a warranty to protect you if anything should happen, and we think you should use that to your own benefit. Generally speaking, after buying a new-build home, you will have one year to have its foundation and structure inspected. Within this timeframe, Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections can provide you with a thorough inspection.

Take pride in what you own.

By having us check out your home before your home warranty expires, visually examining its structure, mechanical systems, and electrical systems too, we help relieve any concerns you may have. Our goal is to identify any defects we find and highlight areas of concern that are worth noting.

Let us make sure your home is built to code and meets the required standards. Put your worries to rest and gain the peace of mind you deserve knowing the experts are on your side. Your home should be in superior condition, it is our goal to ensure that is how it is.

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