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Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from uranium. Uranium is to be found almost everywhere on the earth’s surface. Radon enters the home by seeping through cracks in the foundation walls and floor of the house and  exposed earth in crawl spaces. You cannot see radon or smell radon and has been detected in all types of home construction. Radon levels vary from house to house and radon concentrations fluctuate in the home from hour to hour and from day to day.

Radon testing requires a minimum  48 hour test. It is recommended by the EPA that homes be tested during real estate transactions.

Home that average/test above 4 pCi/l or 4 parts per million should be mitigated. Mitigation in most cases involves improving the ventilation in the house or  below the foundation slab. In homes where the concentration of radon is high, the risk of lung cancer will be increased.

I understand the pressure and stresses of buying a home, it is my goal to help you as best that I can by showing you and explaining to you the condition of the property.

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